About Sokay

About Sokay (Bryson)

Born in Long Beach, California, Sokay has been creating independent video games since 2002. With our first game Thugjacker: Half (2004), we showed the world that nobody is safe - even thugs can get jacked. Since then we’ve worked to defy expectations with follow up titles like LUV Tank (2007) and DONUT GET! (2012). Those were followed up by our first mobile-first game The Crazy Program (2013) and we jumped into the world of VR with Raybeem (2017).

With our games and apps, we hope to show the world our unique perspective and our commitment to quality and originality. We love to experiment with art, sound and interaction in the digital world. With this store, we aim to achieve the same for  the physical world, offering unique products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Thank you for your support!


-Bryson Whiteman